Friday, 19 August 2011

Battle of Gildons Crossing

This is the 3rd installment of a mini fictitious campaign I've been running at the club. Following on from the Confederate victory at Bakersville, Longstreet advanced his 2 Divisions north to Gildons crossing.There he was awaiting re supply to replace much of his lost artillery. It was then in the early hours of the morning that Hampton rode in with his Cavalry the General Early had crushed the Federal forces at Cedar Creek, but that a force was marching upon Longstreet's position. His orders were to hold until reinforcements could arrive by rail.

Federal forces however were in much need of a decisive victory after receiving two bloody noses against the rebels. With a quickly assembled force they realised that Longstreet was isolated in the vicinity of Gildons crossing. They were to proceed with haste with available forces to destroy Longstreet before he could be reinforced.

Confederate forces consisted of 2 infantry divisions of 7 brigades, 2 artillery batteries and Hampton's cavalry brigade. Opposing them were 3 Federal infantry divisions of 9 brigades and 4 artillery batteries. The battle opened with the Federal forces advancing towards the rebel positions behind Gildons creek and into the town itself. The Rebels decided to contest the creek and hold until reinforcements arrived, that was until one of Mclaws' brigades crossed the creek straight into the face of 3 Federal brigades. It was then that a furious struggle ensued as the outnumbered rebels were slowly destroyed. On the Federal right the Division of Caldwell led by the Iron Brigade advanced towards the creek to be met with the rebel yell and were promptly thrown back into the woods and hotly pursued by their enemies.

Iron Brigade emerging from the woods

The rebel positions

Hampton's dismounted troopers

With the Rebels hurriedly bringing up the rest of Mclaws' division to reinforce their right flank as Federal forces quickly crossed the creek. One of his brigades smashed into the advancing federals temporarily throwing them back across the creek. It was at this point that the union artillery began to find its range and began to pummeling the 2 remaining brigades of Mclaws, eventually destroying his division. On the Federal right things were not going well. Despite the Iron brigade beginning to live up to its reputation and doggedly hanging in, the other 2 brigades of Zook and Brooke were destroyed by the advancing rebels.

Hood's division in position

Federal troops pushing the rebels back

By now things were beginning to go wrong for Longstreet. With the destruction of Mclaws' division and no sign of reinforcements, discretion became the better part of valour and he decided to break off the engagement and save the remains of his Corps. A hard fought and much needed Federal victory.

 Overall for my nephew who took on the role of Longstreet, his first ever independent command, he did okay. made a few mistakes, but at least learned from them i.e. don't attack unsupported. he was though assisted with some uncanny luck in melee, rolling 6 tens in 8 combats. Turning what should have been defeats into unlikely victories.

A few extra pictures of the battle.


  1. As above.....a great looking game!!!!!!

  2. Very nice Scotty. Game looks great.

  3. Great pictures and fun looking game

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Spoke to my nephew today who says he enjoyed the game despite being defeated.

  5. Fantastic looking game, Scotty!