Friday, 29 October 2010

Battle Report

Last night at the club both my union and confederate forces got a taste of action. I commanded the union while my 2 nephews commaded the Rebel forces. It was a small scenario where 4 confederate divisions were converging on a cross road, currently held by a single union division, who were awaiting support from 3 further divisions in reserve.

The battle started with 2 confederate divisions, that of Rodes and Early advancing on the union division of Davies. The union defenders split their forces with 2 brigades and artillery defending a stonewall while Baldwins brigade defended the fields next to the cross roads. As the confederates advanced with Early taking the pass to assault the union right flank, while Rodes advanced upon the centre. The lack of union artillery was easily felt as they could not hinder the advance.

Eventually to the succour of the union reinforcements arrived, however this was Buford's division of 1 cavalry brigade and 1 artillery piece, who quickly headed for the cross roads to support Baldwins brigade just as Rodes was beginning his assault. Early meanwhile had managed to get part of his division across the stream and promptly launch a devastating assault against the stonewall. To make matters worse for the union a 3rd confederate division of Maury had also arrived and were quickly following the roads to press the union centre.

Early's assault quickly swept the 2 brigades of Hackleman and Oglesby from the stonewall and captured a battery of artillery. Their advanced was only partially checked by the timely arrival of Birney's division. In the Centre it was taking time for Rodes to get his troops in order, Hampton's cavalry were promptly devastated by telling fire from Buford's cavalry and retreated in earnest.

Birney's Division began the union counter attack and promptly destroyed Smith's brigade and shattered Hay's brigade. however they were then checked by the 2 remaining brigades of Early's division. In the Centre Buford's cavalry were forced to retire by pressure from Rodes, Baldwin also fell back. The 2 brigades of Hackleman and Oglesby which had already suffered much at the hands of Early found themselves assault by the lead elements of Rodes Division and both brigades were promptly destroyed.

While running out of troops to hold the confederate assault, the last thing the union needed was the arrival of Johnson division, following the route that Early had taken. Even the arrival of the last union division of Humphrey was not enough to hold their positions. Both flanks had collapsed and the centre was under intense pressure. The union then promptly abandoned their positions and fell back, leaving the field to the rebels.

Below are some of the pictures I took of the battle.

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