Monday, 23 August 2010

Jubal Early

Just a quick profile of Jubal Early during the Gettysburg Campaign. Most of this was obtained from Wikipedia, a very useful source of information.

Early commanded a division in the corps of Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell. Approaching Gettysburg from the northeast on July 1, 1863, Early's division was on the leftmost flank of the Confederate line. He soundly defeated Brig. Gen. Francis Barlow's division (part of the Union XI Corps), inflicting three times the casualties to the defenders as he suffered, and drove the Union troops back through the streets of the town, capturing many of them.

During the second day at Gettysburg, Early assaulted East Cemetery Hill as part of Ewell's efforts against the Union right flank. Despite some initial success he was repulsed due to the arrival of Union reinforcements.

On day three, Early detached one brigade to assist Maj. Gen. Edward "Allegheny" Johnson's division in an unsuccessful assault on Culp's Hill. Elements of Early's division then covered the rear of Lee's army during its retreat from Gettysburg on July 4 and July 5.

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