Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Baxters' Brigade

Sorry for not posting for a while, been stuck on other projects and I guess I just needed a break from ACW. Not sure of the make of these figures as I picked them up off EBay. Just require a little touch up and re basing, to blend in with the rest of the force. These are done to represent Baxters' Brigade from Robinson's Division.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Battle of Shelbyville (part 2)

Well this week saw the conclusion of our club game. The union line was bolstered by the eventual arrival of elements of VI corps. Much to the relief of the Union C-in-C as 2 divisions from V Corps were streaming back to the table edge as they were severely mauled by the Confederates of Rodes' and Johnson's divisions. On the Union right flank II Corps eventually got some energy and began to advance against Hood's division, forcing the confederates back to the last bridge. However just when they thought things were going their way, Hood counterattacked, destroying a couple of brigades from Crawford' division before his advance was checked.

On the left flank, the remains of V Corps and Buford's cavalry, slowly ground down Early's isolated division. In the center things began to get very bloody, with brigades on both sides being knocked out of the line due to heavy casualties. Eventually though the Confederate attack began to run out of steam and the union launch a final counter attack and managed to sneak a draw out of a winning position. So honours even until the next battle of our campaign.

Who'll make the first move?

VI Corps timely arrival

Stuarts troopers prepare to repel union infantry

Hood launches his counterattack

Bitter contest for the hill

Union infantry prepare to repel the confederate advance

The bitter struggle continues

Rodes' and Johnson's division advance

McLaws gets his troops into position

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Battle of Shelbyville (part 1)

This week at the club saw the opening moves of our latest ACW game. It was an encounter battle that saw both sides becoming embroiled after their respective cavalry divisions clashed the night before. For the Confederates they has all 3 divisions from Ewell's Corps, but only Hood's and McLaws'  from Longstreet's Corps. For the Union they had II, III, V as well as 1 division from VI corps. This gave the union only a slight advantage in numbers, artillery was about even.

The map below illustrates the respective options open to each side from where they could advance onto the table.

For the Confederates, Longstreet entered at point (C) while Ewell came on at (B). For the union, Hancock arrived on turn 1 at point (3), Sickles came on at point (2) and Sykes was due to enter at point (1) on turn 2. He was late and didn't arrive until turn 4. The division from VI corps was due to arrive on turn 3 at point (2), however they only managed to arrive on turn 7 just as the club was finishing for the night.

The confederates under Ewell immediately went onto the offensive, pushing back Buford's cavalry and eventually slamming into the advance elements of V Corps, sweeping aside 2 of their brigades. On the Union right flank, Hancock advanced cautiously towards the confederates of Hood's division, allowing the rebs to conduct an easy fighting withdrawal as the units were need to support Mclaws' attack against III Corps. Next week will see the 2 battle lines really come to grips with each other.

Did manage to take a few photos of the opening moves.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

For sale

With me concentrating on my 15mm armies, I've reluctantly decided to part with my 28mm units and listed them on E-Bay. I'll be able to use any funds they generate to purchase the necessary figures to finish Union I Corps. So some final pictures of said figures.

The first unit.

Second unit

Friday, 30 September 2011

Union OOB

I've just updated my union OOB with the latest painted figures, namely the brigades of Willard, Carroll and Hall. I'll try to get out tomorrow and get some photos done of the latest units. I just need to finish 1 more artillery piece and II Corps will be finished, giving me 3 full infantry corps.

To help speed this project along a couple of the lads at r=the club have agreed to contribute some troops. Paul is going to do AP Hill's Corps for the confederated, meaning once I finish I Corps that is them completed. Bayley is going to do the union VI and XI Corps, this leaves only I and XII Corps to finish. These should definitely be done in time for the anniversary of Gettysburg.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Battle of Antietam

I had the good fortune yesterday to do a re-fight of the battle of Antietam at Mick's on his rather large wargames table. I was given the role of fightin' Joe hooker with the Corps of Sumner in support, while Dave took on the role of Meade with the rest of the Corps. Facing us were Mike as Longstreet and Mick as Jackson.

The early stages of the battle were a bit slow form me with my Corps struggling to get over the creek. Dave on the other hand seemed to be motoring across and quickly began pushing back the forward elements of Jackson's corps. Eventually I managed to get Hooker advancing from the North moving and it was great relief that the Cavalry under Pleasenton discovered the Division of McLaws hidden in the woods. To say my cavalry would get a honourable mention in dispatched would be an understatement. They continually harassed the confederate infantry allowing valuable time to get my infantry brigades into position and launch their attack. My first attack went in against the confederate redoubts which had been slightly softened up by the artillery. This took about 2 hours of bitter fighting with the redoubts changing hands at least 4 times before the confederates were overwhelmed by superior numbers. With the redoubt captured Hooker launched a devastating attack against McLaws which saw the confederate line collapsed against overwhelming odds.

On the other flank Jackson was struggling to hold back the union advance, even the arrival of Stuart's cavalry and DH Hills' division could not stem the advance. Despite a number of successful counter atttacks the rebels were forced back. Eventually we all shook hands on what was a decisive union victory. Below are some photos that I did manage to take of the battle.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Painting table

I've just updated the Union page for some completed troops. I've just finished the stand for Hancock, Division leader hay as well as Hall's brigade and 3 pieces of artillery. Just got to get the bases finished on them.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pictures at last

Finally managed to take some photos of the latest additions to my union forces. First up the Iron Brigade. These figures are all original tabletop miniatures.

Next up is Smyth's brigade. The figures are all from Peter Pig.

And finally my Zouaves that I'll be using to represent Webb's brigade. Again the figures are all from Peter Pig.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Progress update

No pictures today as I have run out of static grass to finish my units. So far I have managed to finish 3 more Union brigades from II Corps. Cross's 4 stand brigade to complete the 1st Division, Webb's brigade from the 2nd division and Smyth's brigade from the 3rd division. This only leaves 4 brigades, 3 artillery pieces, 1 Corps leader stand and a division leader stand to complete the Corps. Hopefully I should finish these by the end of this month.

I have painted up one of the brigades as Zouaves, because I wanted to. They are painted up as the 9th New York or Hawkin's Zouaves. I will post some pictures once the static grass arrives.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

V Corps

Thought it was about time I posted a picture of this completed Corps. It was commanded by Sykes and consisted of 3 divisions.

The majority of the figures are old glory, though some are also from Warrior miniatures, Peter Pig, Essex and a couple of Mini figs. Now to get cracking on II corps.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Orders arrived

Just received another batch of figures from Peter Pig in the post today. Now that is excellent service as I only ordered them on Sunday. I've also got a slip from the postman yesterday for a package that needs to be collected from the sorting office. I'm assuming these are the figures from Warrior Miniatures, also ordered on Sunday. Must say that I cannot fault both companies for both the quality of the products and the promptness of their service.

With these figures I will have more than enough to be able to finish the Union II Corps under Hancock as well as add another brigade to I Corps. I did though get enough figure to do 2 units of Zouaves, now these won't be historically accurate at a brigade level game, but what the hell I want to paint some and add a bit of colour to the game. Besides 2 Zouave brigades out of about 20+ is not OTT.
Neil at the club has also agreed to complete 2 further union Corps while another player has some confederates to paint up as III Corps. With luck the club should be able to put on a re-fight of Gettysburg next year.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Quick update

Just up dated my two pages with the latest figures to be completed, namely the Union Division leader Gibbon from II Corps and Robertson's cavalry brigade as part of Stuart's division. No pictures at this time as been feeling a bit under the weather and just don't have the energy.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Battle of Antietam

Well just got back from my holidays and now look forward at a re-fight of the battle of Antietam (bloodiest day of the civil war) at the end of the month at Mick's. Looking forward to this as never re fought this battle before, in fact only know a little about it i.e bloody lane. I'll be taking my current union troops and getting them re-organised into the Corps of Hooker and Mansfield. I've also purchased some extra figures from Peter Pig, namely Zoauves to add some more colour to the union ranks.

Friday, 26 August 2011

New page

I've just added a new page to track my painting progress for the Confederates at Gettysburg. I will eventually add a second page for the union forces. Hopefully these paint plan will help me keep on track, no doubt I'll get sidetracked. I see this as a long term project that will take a number of years to complete, but one i will endeavor to finish.

I've also had an invite up to Mick's at the end of September for a re fight of the battle of Antietam. Look forward to this as never re fought this particular battle.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

2nd unit finished

Just adding a photos of the completed 2nd unit of my 28mm ACW. I've also painted up the 8 figures to act as skirmishers and will post some pics when I finish basing them.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Battle of Gildons Crossing

This is the 3rd installment of a mini fictitious campaign I've been running at the club. Following on from the Confederate victory at Bakersville, Longstreet advanced his 2 Divisions north to Gildons crossing.There he was awaiting re supply to replace much of his lost artillery. It was then in the early hours of the morning that Hampton rode in with his Cavalry the General Early had crushed the Federal forces at Cedar Creek, but that a force was marching upon Longstreet's position. His orders were to hold until reinforcements could arrive by rail.

Federal forces however were in much need of a decisive victory after receiving two bloody noses against the rebels. With a quickly assembled force they realised that Longstreet was isolated in the vicinity of Gildons crossing. They were to proceed with haste with available forces to destroy Longstreet before he could be reinforced.

Confederate forces consisted of 2 infantry divisions of 7 brigades, 2 artillery batteries and Hampton's cavalry brigade. Opposing them were 3 Federal infantry divisions of 9 brigades and 4 artillery batteries. The battle opened with the Federal forces advancing towards the rebel positions behind Gildons creek and into the town itself. The Rebels decided to contest the creek and hold until reinforcements arrived, that was until one of Mclaws' brigades crossed the creek straight into the face of 3 Federal brigades. It was then that a furious struggle ensued as the outnumbered rebels were slowly destroyed. On the Federal right the Division of Caldwell led by the Iron Brigade advanced towards the creek to be met with the rebel yell and were promptly thrown back into the woods and hotly pursued by their enemies.

Iron Brigade emerging from the woods

The rebel positions

Hampton's dismounted troopers

With the Rebels hurriedly bringing up the rest of Mclaws' division to reinforce their right flank as Federal forces quickly crossed the creek. One of his brigades smashed into the advancing federals temporarily throwing them back across the creek. It was at this point that the union artillery began to find its range and began to pummeling the 2 remaining brigades of Mclaws, eventually destroying his division. On the Federal right things were not going well. Despite the Iron brigade beginning to live up to its reputation and doggedly hanging in, the other 2 brigades of Zook and Brooke were destroyed by the advancing rebels.

Hood's division in position

Federal troops pushing the rebels back

By now things were beginning to go wrong for Longstreet. With the destruction of Mclaws' division and no sign of reinforcements, discretion became the better part of valour and he decided to break off the engagement and save the remains of his Corps. A hard fought and much needed Federal victory.

 Overall for my nephew who took on the role of Longstreet, his first ever independent command, he did okay. made a few mistakes, but at least learned from them i.e. don't attack unsupported. he was though assisted with some uncanny luck in melee, rolling 6 tens in 8 combats. Turning what should have been defeats into unlikely victories.

A few extra pictures of the battle.