Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Army of the Mississippi

To further expand my ACW forces I've decided to add the Army of the Mississippi from the Battle of Corinth led by General Rosecrans. This is mainly to expand my forces for club games (didn't see much point in doing extra units for Gettysburg and just duplicate others' work). Corinth isn't too large a battle, also not too bothered if I don't get all the units done. So far I've got 2 divisions completed apart from all of their artillery support.

First up the Division of Stanley, made up of 2 brigades each of 10 stands. I picked these up from EBay, gave the a quick wash with GW Badab black and picked out some of the details to blend them with the rest of my troops.

The 2ND Division is that of Davies. The figure are predominately Warrior Miniatures tho 1 is from Essex.

Buford's Division

Finally managed to finish off the 2 brigades of Buford's Division, Gamble and Devin. The mounted figures are all from Warrior Miniatures, nice and easy to paint up. The dismounted figures are a mix of Warrior and Peter Pig.


Finally some pictures of the buildings I've been adding to my collection. This makes 9 so far. I'll definitely be purchasing some more in the future, concentrating on town houses and a couple of barns/outhouses. Now who does 15mm american civilians suitable for this period?

A couple of town houses, the one on the right is hovels, not sure of the other smaller one,

A couple of wooden cottages and an outbuilding. not sure of make as picked these up at the Fiasco show for a bargain.

These are both from Peter Pig, very nice models.