Friday, 14 October 2011

Battle of Shelbyville (part 2)

Well this week saw the conclusion of our club game. The union line was bolstered by the eventual arrival of elements of VI corps. Much to the relief of the Union C-in-C as 2 divisions from V Corps were streaming back to the table edge as they were severely mauled by the Confederates of Rodes' and Johnson's divisions. On the Union right flank II Corps eventually got some energy and began to advance against Hood's division, forcing the confederates back to the last bridge. However just when they thought things were going their way, Hood counterattacked, destroying a couple of brigades from Crawford' division before his advance was checked.

On the left flank, the remains of V Corps and Buford's cavalry, slowly ground down Early's isolated division. In the center things began to get very bloody, with brigades on both sides being knocked out of the line due to heavy casualties. Eventually though the Confederate attack began to run out of steam and the union launch a final counter attack and managed to sneak a draw out of a winning position. So honours even until the next battle of our campaign.

Who'll make the first move?

VI Corps timely arrival

Stuarts troopers prepare to repel union infantry

Hood launches his counterattack

Bitter contest for the hill

Union infantry prepare to repel the confederate advance

The bitter struggle continues

Rodes' and Johnson's division advance

McLaws gets his troops into position


  1. Fantastic game and photos, thanks Scotty.

  2. I can`t help it, but everytime I hear or read `Shelbyville`, I`m thinking of a lemon tree...

    Great looking battle!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys

  4. A fantastic looking game, great figures and great terrain!!

  5. Nice report, but I like most of all the figures!