Sunday, 3 July 2011

Gettysburg Refight

Just got back from Micks, re fighting the 2nd day of Gettysburg. I took the role of General Ewell with II corps. My initial orders were to capture and hold Cemetery hill and Culps Hill, supported by Dave in his role as AP Hill. To say our attack was successful was an understatement. We both smashed into the union XII and I Corps and proceeded to remove each brigade from the game before any assistance could arrive from III corps. We did benefit from being able to attack at 4 AM which meant many of the union Corps were still to arrive on the table (got to make the most of your opportunities). After the initial assault the game settle down into a bit of a slug fest with neither side being able to claim a victory. Eventually with honours even the Confederates were allowed to withdraw with the union unable to mount any form of assault. It seems that just like in history the union managed to check the threat towards Washington.

I did manage to take some photos which are below. However cannot remember which action was which. Hope you enjoy.