Friday, 22 October 2010

Progress report

After finishing the 2 Corps that I need to provide for the re fight of Gettysburg, I've made a start on the 2 cavalry brigades from Buford's division. I hope to have the first of these finished over the weekend. I've also constructed a smaller cornfield that is in the process of being undercoated along with 2 new buildings courtesy of Peter Pig. That will give me four set fields for any club games with 2 small farms.

As I've been enjoying this project I've decided that I want to expand my forces, however with the rest of the army at Gettysburg being painted by the others I don't want to repeat the units (these will most probably be my main opponents with these forces). To get around this I've started to paint up some of the units from the Western Theatre, mainly for the Battle of Corinth. This is a relatively small affair with only 4 union and 3 confederate divisions. So far I've already got the 3 brigades of Maury's division painted, just need to add the artillery. For the union I've got enough unpainted figures to put together the 2 divisions of Hamilton and Davies. Whether I actually go on to finish all the divisions will depend on how my enthusiasm holds for this project before the new new thing comes along.

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