Saturday, 4 September 2010


Visited the Border Reiver show today and managed to pick up a bargain from the bring and buy. Enough painted old glory 15's confederates for 27 fire and fury base and a divisional commander. Just need to paint up 7 spare figures that I have and I will have completed Johnson Division. The figures needed a little work. I've given them a wash with GW Badab black wash to help the figures match those that I have already painted, touched up the flesh and the white on the knapsacks and some of the belts. When finished basing I'll post pics of the 3 completed brigades as well as Hays' brigade from Early's Division.


  1. lucky buggar i only had enough for 14 bases once i got the union home and rebased them.

  2. Must admit, lucky on the numbers but the figures needed touching up. Thought the union figures you got were of beter quality.