Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Last Post

The last post. Must admit trying to keep 2 blogs going has become a bit of a chore. Also after loosing the impetus with my ACW project after the re fight of Gettysburg, I've struggled for meaningful posts for this blog. So I have decided to import all the posts from here and added to my main blog I'm undecided on the long term future of this blog, but it will currently remain as I have no plans to delet it, however anymore ACW themed posts will go directly to my main blog.

Just wanted to say thanks for following, your comments always meant a lot.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts as I've been heavily involved in other projects and my ACW forces have had to sit on the sidelines. This could all change as Mick is planning a large ACW game the back end of April. He will not say which battle as he doesn't want us swotting up on it. However it may provide me with the impetus to get the last of my figures painted, namely 2 union infantry brigades (these guys have sat half painted for about 3 months), a confederate cavalry brigade including dismounted figures and a union C-in-C diorama. After that I will need to purchase the extra figures I need to finish the union and Confederate 1st Corps.