Wednesday, 27 July 2011


First up some fencing from Hovels. I picked these up on Ebay about a year ago and have only just gotten around to painting them. I followed the same process as I used for the worm fences. Balck undercoated and successive drybrushing of dark brown up to cream. They are based on lolly pop sticks to give them a bit of stability.

Finally finished the bases and added a flag from the Perry box set to my first 28mm unit.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

28mm Confederates

Finally finished painting my first unit of the Perry Plastic ACW figures. First up is a 20 figure strong unit. I've multi-based them all as I intend to use them with either Black Powder or Fire and Fury. I've quite enjoyed putting the unit together. I've got enough figures to do 2 more 20 figure unit and a small unit of 8 figures to act as skirmishers or pickets.

They still need the bases finished and a flag added. Just need a new colour cartridge for my printer to print it out.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Battle of Cedar Creek

After last weeks Battle of Bakersville at the club, it was decided to do a follow up battle. The situation was as follows. After the defeat of 2 Union Corps at Bakersville, Lt General Ewell (Me) advanced a little north of the town and rested the Corps, whilst Longstreet pursued the remenants of the Union forces further north. Arriving late at the Cedar Creek Lt General Ewell called a halt and the Divisions of Rodes, Johnson and Early settled down in their current locations.

As dawn broke, Brigadier Hampton and his cavalry whom at earlier been dispatched north of the Creek sent back a messenger with the news that he was in contact with the lead elements of what he estimated to be a full Union Corps. He estimated that they were no more than an hour away before they would be upon our encampments.

Rodes' and Johnson's Divisions were positioned as shown on the map below. Early was somewhere to the East and would be marching to the sound of the guns.

The Battle unfolds

As the union Corps of Sykes advanced down the lane they were met with a hail of shot from Hampton's troopers which checked their initial advanc. it then took a number of turns for the Union forces to begin to deploy north of the Creek. This allowed Johnson to bring forward his Division while Rodes prepared to defend Bolton farm and the main ford.

Hampton's brigade quickly re mounted in the face of heavy pressure and rode of to the west to try and find a way through the woods and circle behind the union troops. The Union V Corps then began to deploy its artillery while pushing forward their infantry across the creek to meet Johnson head on. It was at this time that Early arrived from the East and fell upon their flank. It took over 6 turns of heavy fighting and stubborn union resistance to finally force them across the creek.

Johnson's Division advances

Early's Division appears
It was at this time then General Rodes' saw his left flank threatened by the appearance of a second union Corps emerging through the woods to cross the creek. They was also supported by a Cavalry Dision. Rodes quickly re aligned his defenders and re positioned his artillery to meet this threat, despite being heavily outnumbered.

Union III Corps arrives

It was at this time that disaster befell the union V Corps, despite gallantly hanging in they eventually wee swept from the field. Of 8 Brigades, only one remained. General Sykes himself was captured by Avery's brigade along with 2 reserve artillery batteries. For the Union III Corps things did not go much better when finally getting into position to launch an attack on Rodes, the Confederates promptly charged them, sweeping aside Humphreys brigade. With both Early and Jonson advancing to support Rodes' gallant defenders the III Corps broke off its assault and retreat back into the woods, leaving the Rebsonce more in charge of the field.

Some extra photos of an enjoyable game

V Corps finally driven back

2 Confederate brigades prepare to defend the ford

Monday, 18 July 2011


Finally got my temperamental camera to work and get a couple of photos. A single photo of Brooke's and Zook's brigades from Caldwell's Division. Bringing the strength of my union forces up to 18.

Next up I painted up some test figures for a 28mm confederate brigade. I followed the same colour schemes as I had done for the 15mm but with an extra layer of highlights. They've come out quite dark (even more so in the picture) but that is the way I like them.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Where next?

After doing the re-fight of Gettysburg I've been spending some time pondering on where I take this project next. For the Confederates I completed II Corps and have completed Hoods Division and 3/4 of McLaws' Division from I Corps. With a small Division of cavalry under Stewart this gives approx 24 brigades a fair size for club games. For the Union I have both III and V Corps support by Buford's cavalry Division giving me 16 brigades. The union is rather heavily out gunned. So to balance things out I've decided to complete the Union II Corps under Hancock, or at least a couple of the Divisions.First up will be Caldwell's Division as I got enough left over infantry figures to complete the 2 small brigades of Zook and Brooke. I'll post some pictures when they are finished and if the camera decides to work.

After this I'll need to make a decision. I'll either push on and try to complete both sides, a rather mammoth task or I can switch to some 28mm. I've got 2 boxes of the plastic Perry miniatures and 1 artillery piece. I may paint these up for use with Black Powder, got the rules but never done anything with it. So far the 28mm's are looking favourites.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Battle of Bakersville

Well once again my camera decided to play dodgy b****rs and decided not play. Yet when I got it home it suddenly decided to work. think its time for a new one as its let me down once to often. As for the battle itself. A resounding victory for the Confederated.

Detailed below is the letter the commanding officer (Bayley) wrote to General Lee about his victory:

'General R.E. Lee,
Sir it gives me great satisfaction to inform you that We have met and destroyed the better part of 2 Union Corps at Bakersville. The Union were in a very strong defensive position situated on 2 wooded ridges. Having marched through the night and with an early breakfast I ordered Maj General Rodes and Maj Gen Johnson to assault what I deemed to be the biggest threat, the Union position overlooking Bakersville itself.

The Union Corps was entrenched with riveted artillery on the high ground. Maj General Johnson led the assault with Maj General early in close support. At this stage I was unaware that Maj General Rodes had been delayed but was coming up hard and fast on Early’s left. The initial assault was checked but our boys held firm on the Union ridge. I was dismayed when the Union cavalry, 2 full brigades advanced towards Rodes in the centre and a second Union corps advanced from cover on our far left to threaten Rodes too.

Maj General Early led his division in person and encouraged his boys to charge again. Johnson was re-aligning his boys to cover a threat from Union troops advancing from behind the Union ridge to threaten his right. Rodes re-deployed his division to cover the Union cavalry and second infantry corps threat.

It was relief I can tell you when I heard artillery over by the river. It would seem Longstreet and 1st Corps had arrived, albeit 3 hours late. They assaulted the second Union held ridge and gave my corps much needed respite from both Union corps.

The Union cavalry attacked the flank of Early’s left brigade but were held. My Corps artillery finished the Union cavalry brigade and they fled the field. The second Union cavalry brigade foolishly charged the guns of Rodes division and suffered a similar fate. Hit on 3 sides by combined artillery and Kentucky long rifles they too were destroyed.

Early and Johnson stormed the ridge and what remained of the Union corps were heading north. We estimate the Union suffered in the region of 5,000 casualties whilst our own were modest at just over 2,000. Lt General Longstreet is pursuing the enemy north whilst I will rest my 2nd Corps at Bakersville before moving in support of him.

I have included copies of my orders and personal correspondence so you are fully apprised of the situation.

Yours respectively Lt General Ewell, Commander 2nd Corps.'

That pretty much summed up how it went.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Club Game

On Thursday at the club I'll be putting on an ACW game. It involves the Federal force digging in on a wooded ridge overlooking the town of Bakersville (made up) The Confederates have arrived with greater numbers and must drive the Federal force from its position before darkness falls. I've sent the orders to the 2 C-in-C's for them to divide their forces between their junior officers. Really looking forward to this and will definitely remember to take the camera to get some pictures.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Re organising

Following the re fight of Gettysburg, I've decided to re organise the troops that I had painted up for the Western theatre into suitable units for Gettysburg. For the union I have managed to just about put together V Corps under Sykes. All that I need to add is 1 Corps Leader stand, 2 artillery stands and 1 brigade at 7 stands. Once these are done and I combine forces with Jon, between us we will have the following Corps, III, V, XI & XII and Bufords' Cavalry Division. That would only leave I, II and VI Corps to complete the union troops. That's more than half completed.

For the Confederates I am trying to put together Longstreet's Corps, namely the Divisions of Hood and McLaws who fought on day 2. So far all the troops are done for Hood and only 2 brigades to paint for Mclaws along with the supporting artillery. That is not an insurmountable task. Best get the paints out again.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Gettysburg Refight

Just got back from Micks, re fighting the 2nd day of Gettysburg. I took the role of General Ewell with II corps. My initial orders were to capture and hold Cemetery hill and Culps Hill, supported by Dave in his role as AP Hill. To say our attack was successful was an understatement. We both smashed into the union XII and I Corps and proceeded to remove each brigade from the game before any assistance could arrive from III corps. We did benefit from being able to attack at 4 AM which meant many of the union Corps were still to arrive on the table (got to make the most of your opportunities). After the initial assault the game settle down into a bit of a slug fest with neither side being able to claim a victory. Eventually with honours even the Confederates were allowed to withdraw with the union unable to mount any form of assault. It seems that just like in history the union managed to check the threat towards Washington.

I did manage to take some photos which are below. However cannot remember which action was which. Hope you enjoy.